Tulowitzki Reactions from a Jays fan

So just before I went to bed last night my phone blew up.

My Blue Jays had traded for Troy Tulowitzki!

Sure I was excited, but also skeptical. What did we give up?

Answer came today. Jeff Hoffman. I could live with the other players. But Hoffman hurts.

Obviously it’s more complicated than that… so lets look at this.

Since Alex Anthopoulos came to the Blue Jays they have gotten better. They are not perfect, but they are better.

There are only two ways to look at the Tulowitzki trade… Now vs. Future.

So lets look at NOW:

Right now the Jays have the best offense in baseball. When your core line up goes Donaldson, Bautista, Tulowitzki, Encarnacion, and Martin… lots of runs will be scored. Tulowitzki’s bat adds to our strength.

In the field he’s better than Reyes, fewer errors, more outs. No one doubts that the Blue Jays are a better team with Tulowitzi than Reyes.

No one.

The question is the future.

Sure we may have traded some great arms. I’ve seen this before. The Jays traded Syndergaard and d’Arnaud to the Mets for Dickey. I trade I still hate, but Dickey has performed well enough for the Jays. Did they trade a potential ace again?

But the Dickey trade isn’t the big Blue Jay trade the Tulowitzki deal reminds me of…

Roy Halladay traded to Phillies for Travis d’Arnaud (traded to Mets in Dickey Trade), Michael Taylor, (traded away and turned into Devion Travis starting 2nd base), and Kyle Drabek (AAA).

They key to this trade was Drabek, he was suppose to be a big lead ace. He is now a bullpen guy at best.

Basically years later the Jays traded Halladay and a top prospect for a starting 2nd baseman, Bullpen help in AAA and Dickey. The day of the trade, it looked like the jays got 3 stars for Halladay… now…

With Tulowitzki the Jays may have given up Hoffman a potential ace, but the future still looks good in Toronto.

The money for Reyes and Tulowitzki are a wash for the next two years. After that Buehrle’s contract is gone, Dickey’s will be bought out… so the money for Tulowitzki is there.

Plus the Jays middle of the order is strong even if after next season Bautista and Encarnacion leave via Free Agency. The Jays now boast Donaldson, Tulowitzki and Martin.

Future is looking better….

I know, I know what about pitching?

Well if you follow the Jays you’ll know they seam to only draft pitchers. Even with the trade they Blue Jays could put out this young 5 man rotation next year.

1. Marcus Stroman (ACL)
2. Drew Hutchinson
3. Aaron Sanchez
4. Daniel Norris
5. Roberto Osuna

All young, all with top of the rotation projections. So it’s not as if the cupboard is empty.

Lets not forget the Jays have several top prospects left like Dalton Pompey (CF) and Max Pentecost (C)

Do you really think they are done trading? No doubt they are after a starting pitcher…. or two. We know Anthopoulos is bold.

It is a risk for Anthopoulos making this trade, but risk is part of the game. Toronto is tired of being average. In the last 10 seasons, the Blue Jays have been with in one game of .500 through 100 games 8 times.

This season they are 50-50…. just 3 out of a wild card.

So I get the Tulowitzki trade.

In the end, Tulowitzki makes the Jays better now, and Anthopouloshas us set up for the future. Now lets go all in and add a pitcher and make the playoffs!

Why softball is taken to be an American culture

Softball started from Chicago in 1887 during a Thanksgiving Day, where some approximately twenty people gathered in a boat club to listen to the results of a football match. After announcing the winner, a man hand-picked a boxing glove in his side and tossed it to someone who had hit him with a stick.

But before becoming famous, he only played his first game with many young people in 1887. People associate the game to George Hancock with the antiquity of softball. He was the man who shouted, let’s play the ball! He molded a boxing glove and made it like a ball, pulled Massa on the ground and found a broom swab to use as a racket. That was how the clue of the softball was born.

At the end Hancock refined the game, replacing the boxing glove with a big ball. The handlebar of the broomstick was replaced with a rubber bat and writing the rules of the game. Originally it was called inside baseball as unlike the softball of today, those who played it was thinking about home.

In Minneapolis, in 1895, Louis Robert, an officer in the fire department, was looking for a way to keep his men active in their spare time. So I invented a game similar to the one developed by Hancock several years ago. The sport was named Kitten Ball in honor of the team that played for the first time.
Another important milestone in the softball story was when the softball was limited to hours, cutting the roles to seven. That happened because a firefighter decided to adapt the game to keep his fellow firefighters busy between the fire calls.

The game was not called softball until 1926 when Walter Hackenson of the YMCA coined it at a meeting of the National Entertainment Conference. However, the term was slow to be picked up by others. It was not until 1930 when the game became his current popular name in the United States.
Many things happened because the softball was in its initial stages at that time, different regions and tournaments had different rules to play the game. In 1934, the Joint Standards Board on softball was formed and became uniform rules and denomination.

In 1951, the International Federation for Softball began to govern all softball competitions worldwide. The first world contests were held at the Quickpitch Australia in 1965. One year later men had their tournaments.

Since 1970, people have played the world championship every four years.
We can conclude that the softball reached its maximum popularity in 1996 when it became an Olympic medal event. Although the IOC decided to abandon the match of the Summer Olympics in 2012 at the 2005 meeting, the sport remains particularly popular in the United States.

The popularity of softball has its attribute to its appeal for players of different ages who play in specified age categories. You can expect to maintain its appeal for years to come. That is good for a game which started as an improvised method with a stick handle and a simple boxing glove. That is why softball is taken to be American culture.

What do you need to Prepare for your Children before Participating in Softball and Baseball

After selecting the best baseball or softball team for your child, you must prepare them to avoid injuries and to allow them to enjoy the game. For a kid, the first time in a baseball pitch can be traumatizing for your kid. In this article, I will share useful tips that will make your child successful in the game.

Get the right sports gear

First, you must acquire the relevant sports gear for your kid to avoid any injuries. Softball or baseball catcher mitts are necessary for your child. It is essential to note the most teams do not provide the gloves to the kids.

They also require comfortable sports shoes. Youth softball cleats may be needed for these sports. If your child is T-Ball-aged, they might not need the cleats.

Your child requires a youth bat. Although most teams offer bats to their players, we recommend parents to buy bats for their children. They can use these bats to practice at home. Refer this site https://www.aroundthebats.com to check reviews the bats after that you can got the right bats via researching the information from this site.

Besides all the times I have mentioned, you must purchase a bag for carrying these times.

Warming up

Whether your kid had prior experience in the game or not they need to warm up before the first game. Allow them to play with the ball all over your compound. Jogging can also help your kid to prepare for the game. If they have siblings, allow them to warm up together. Try any simple exercise that will prepare the kids body for the game.

Introduce the coach before the practice session

Before the first practice session, arrange a meeting to introduce your kid to the coach. The coach should introduce themselves to the kid and initiate a relationship. Most children are not comfortable with strangers. Talk to the coach about your child and their interest in the game. As a parent, you must discuss any health conditions your child might. This information is necessary for the coach as they plan to introduce the child to the game. Communication is critical for success in softball and baseball. The coach should open up to the child and answer any queries the kid might have about the game.

Packs snacks for the child

Children need an energy boost after the practice sessions. Besides the sports gear for your child, pack a few bites and drinks to refresh the kid after the game. Make time to accompany your kid for their practice sessions. Your presence will boost their confidence as they play. Remember to pack a bottle of water, they will sweat a lot during the practice session, and thus they will need water to re-hydrate.

Develop their attitude for the game

Coaches find it easy to train a kid with the right attitude. Before taking your kids for the first practice session, assist them to develop the right attitude about the game. Talk to them on listening and following instruction from the coach. Remind them they will not get everything right on the first day. Speak to them about team spirit and how to interact with their fellow players. You input as a parent is vital to help your kid learn the game fast. Train them on the importance of confidence. Confidence is essential for any baseball or softball player.

Be their best supporter

As they go for their first practice session remind them, you will cheer on them. Any time they are encountering their opponent; there is no harm in a shout at the top of your voice to encourage them. But do not go overboard; also recognize the efforts of other best players in the pitch. Be respectful to both the players and the coaches.

Share your experience on your child’s first day on a softball or baseball game.

A Summer of Misery

BelchSportscenter’s Top 10’s are about to get really boring. With hockey and basketball ending at the same time, two of america’s popular sports fall right off the grid.

Baseball will remain, but if you’re anything like me, tuning in will be a lot easier when October rolls around. So what are we left with now?

We can cover any random golf tournament or spectacular catch, but with a lot of upcoming walk off hits landing the number one top play, I’m sure to lose my mind. August 4th is the start of preseason football, and unless you’re Mac and have already started running your 2020 mock draft, there is literally just baseball. No offense MLB, you are a lot of fun and all, but Im gonna need a little bit more to hook my teeth into. So for every other sport’s fan struggling with the withdrawals of any excitement, here’s a list of things you can look forward to.

1. Wimbledon

One thing that most people don’t realize is that in other countries, tennis exists. In America, I’m sure you’ll have no lack of coverage as ESPN jumps on any broadcast opportunities it has available. Tennis will be on all day, every day, on all available sports channels until either Nadal or Djokovic wins yet another major. And no offense to women’s sports, but does anyone know who one the last big tennis event on the girl’s side? Didn’t think so. So tune in for nap time, or just tune out and listen to some ladies grunting around, but either way, you probably won’t be able to avoid it.

2. Tour de France

Wait, isn’t Lance Armstrong done with France? I challenge you to name another biker that competes, just one. I’ll buy you a beer for every one you didn’t Google.

3. British Open

Here’s a pretty interesting event. We’ve got to see if Tiger can wake up and shake off an injury. Phil should always be a front runner, but who knows how the last two holes are going to go. In reality, there will be quite a few people who tune in to see the British Open, but at the end of the day, anything worth seeing is worth seeing later on Sportscenter five times in a row. There will be a hole in one. There will be a horrible collapse. There will be a winner. All I hear is Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So dust off the grill, if you haven’t already. The summer is going to be a snore-fest. Turn on a baseball game and take a nap. Oh I’m sorry, is this the British Open? Nothing sounds less interesting than a long stretch of watching Tiger Woods wince at every swing while a quiet British guy talks about how the course has been playing pretty rough, or constant camera shots of Lindsey Vonn watching her new BF thinking,”OMG, like I hope my BF TW wins so we can BRB to LOL and TGHSINEDIH…” So value your playoff situation highly. When Lebron pulls up for a game winning 3-pointer, think about what will be happening a week from now. When Tukka Rask gloves the wrist shot from the slot, think about how boring the Tour de France is going to look. Just sayin’.

A few Best Places to buy the Baseball Bats

When it comes to buying baseball bats, there are plenty of places to look around and buy them at!

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For quality and selection, there is also the Academy store. At Academy you can find a wide variety of baseball bats as well as uniforms, shoes, and other baseball type items that you may need to purchase, along with your baseball bat. Academy is known for its excellent products too, so you’re guaranteed to find some really awesome sports equipment here!

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Then you’ve got JustBats.com where you can browse a fun online website for a baseball, as well as baseball type accessories to go with it. You can even purchase slightly used bats on their website as well, and save a little bit of money.

There is also a store called Team Express Sporting Goods that not only sells baseball bats, but baseball accessories as well. Fairly priced, awesome staff, and you can even create a custom bat! Imagine choosing your own style, color, maybe even putting your name on it!

Beside where to buy, where to find the buying guide before purchasing the baseball bats also the question may you interest. The guy behind this site will help you.

Lastly, if you’re on a tight budget you can also check out either eBay or Craigslist. What makes these websites so special is that the product is sold directly by a real human being, not through a store. You can find new or even used products and sometimes even haggle about the prices. You can also find rarer products on these sites as well. Certain products stop being sold and often times you can find these gems that the manufacturers don’t make any more being sold on these sites.