Tulowitzki Reactions from a Jays fan

So just before I went to bed last night my phone blew up.

My Blue Jays had traded for Troy Tulowitzki!

Sure I was excited, but also skeptical. What did we give up?

Answer came today. Jeff Hoffman. I could live with the other players. But Hoffman hurts.

Obviously it’s more complicated than that… so lets look at this.

Since Alex Anthopoulos came to the Blue Jays they have gotten better. They are not perfect, but they are better.

There are only two ways to look at the Tulowitzki trade… Now vs. Future.

So lets look at NOW:

Right now the Jays have the best offense in baseball. When your core line up goes Donaldson, Bautista, Tulowitzki, Encarnacion, and Martin… lots of runs will be scored. Tulowitzki’s bat adds to our strength.

In the field he’s better than Reyes, fewer errors, more outs. No one doubts that the Blue Jays are a better team with Tulowitzi than Reyes.

No one.

The question is the future.

Sure we may have traded some great arms. I’ve seen this before. The Jays traded Syndergaard and d’Arnaud to the Mets for Dickey. I trade I still hate, but Dickey has performed well enough for the Jays. Did they trade a potential ace again?

But the Dickey trade isn’t the big Blue Jay trade the Tulowitzki deal reminds me of…

Roy Halladay traded to Phillies for Travis d’Arnaud (traded to Mets in Dickey Trade), Michael Taylor, (traded away and turned into Devion Travis starting 2nd base), and Kyle Drabek (AAA).

They key to this trade was Drabek, he was suppose to be a big lead ace. He is now a bullpen guy at best.

Basically years later the Jays traded Halladay and a top prospect for a starting 2nd baseman, Bullpen help in AAA and Dickey. The day of the trade, it looked like the jays got 3 stars for Halladay… now…

With Tulowitzki the Jays may have given up Hoffman a potential ace, but the future still looks good in Toronto.

The money for Reyes and Tulowitzki are a wash for the next two years. After that Buehrle’s contract is gone, Dickey’s will be bought out… so the money for Tulowitzki is there.

Plus the Jays middle of the order is strong even if after next season Bautista and Encarnacion leave via Free Agency. The Jays now boast Donaldson, Tulowitzki and Martin.

Future is looking better….

I know, I know what about pitching?

Well if you follow the Jays you’ll know they seam to only draft pitchers. Even with the trade they Blue Jays could put out this young 5 man rotation next year.

1. Marcus Stroman (ACL)
2. Drew Hutchinson
3. Aaron Sanchez
4. Daniel Norris
5. Roberto Osuna

All young, all with top of the rotation projections. So it’s not as if the cupboard is empty.

Lets not forget the Jays have several top prospects left like Dalton Pompey (CF) and Max Pentecost (C)

Do you really think they are done trading? No doubt they are after a starting pitcher…. or two. We know Anthopoulos is bold.

It is a risk for Anthopoulos making this trade, but risk is part of the game. Toronto is tired of being average. In the last 10 seasons, the Blue Jays have been with in one game of .500 through 100 games 8 times.

This season they are 50-50…. just 3 out of a wild card.

So I get the Tulowitzki trade.

In the end, Tulowitzki makes the Jays better now, and Anthopouloshas us set up for the future. Now lets go all in and add a pitcher and make the playoffs!

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